Rejuvacote 2

Rejuvacote 2

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Super sensitive formula

  • Recommended for: those coming off of gels, acrylics and powder manicures.
  • Creates a protective layer over nails for faster nail growth
  • Enriched with vitamins that help natural nail growth
  • Increases wearability when used with duri nail polishes
  • Seals in moisture, collagen and fatty acids naturally produced by your nail plate
  • When used according to directions, Rejuvacote 2 promotes nail hardening, reduces brittleness, minimizes chipping and prevents breaking
  • Only works on natural nails
  • 0.61 oz
How to Use
Begin with clean, dry nails. First, apply one coat of Rejuvacote 2 as a base coat. Then, apply two coats of Duri nail polish. Apply Rejuvacote 2 as a top coat and repeat applying on top of your nail polish for seven days (or until your next manicure or pedicure). Remove with nail polish remover. Repeat previous steps for best results. As your nails improve, apply every other day or as needed. You may also use Rejuvacote without nail polish.
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